Spotlight: Scott

Spotlight: Scott
It started in 1991—with my good friend Dan who was multi-talented; he could play drums, guitar AND bass, making him a virtual one-man band. In addition, he was adept at orchestration—he could take my keyboard demos and—using our cassette 4-track recorder—turn them into “full band” recordings, as quickly as one song per day. All I’d have to do was walk in to our “studio” (which we christened “Bullseye Records”. We literally recorded our first LP “Every Freak For Himself” in under 10 days. He’d give me a rough mix of today’s recording before I went to bed, and I’d lay there listening to it over and over on my giant ’90’s headphones. 

So there you have it. Today’s backstory (we all have one). I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Next time you come in to do laundry, tell me yours!

Reposted with permission from Weho Wash
For those who like knowing a bit about their laundry attendants, I’ll share with you a brief history of my band , the afore-mentioned Koo-Koo Boy. Although it’s been 22 years since we broke up, it has a way of continuing to re-surface--our debut album “Every Freak For Himself”, for example, was just re-released on vinyl by City of Quality Records ( A local DJ recently asked for permission to spin our old tune “Vampire Girls” at his club. Our music was the centerpiece of a benefit show back in my old stomping grounds of Rochester NY a few years ago, to help raise money for a loved one with cancer. A bunch of bands participated and $4,000 was raised. It seems Koo-Koo Boy is still kicking, however sporadically!

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